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I empower freelancers and solopreneurs like you to land new clients

A completed Sales System to guide you from designing services to landing new clients by turning conversations into deals

What clients say

Reframed sales beliefs and designed a new B2B business model.

The first session was a wake-up call, one that I admittedly needed.

As he often emphasises, if you don't sell to people who need your service, it's a disservice to them, and they'll likely turn to a competitor, often offering far less value than you do.

Through his methodologies and tools, I gained invaluable insights that enabled me to make the necessary changes to my business and significantly boost sales for my career consultancy services.

Landed 4 new clients with a new sales offer and prospecting strategies.

I was really stuck trying to start a marketing agency. By the second round, I realized I was going down the same old path, creating generic marketing solutions.

Will helped me identify my strengths and create a unique selling proposition. Now, I'm working with clients who recognize the value I bring.

Using one of Will's prospecting strategies, I won four clients in three weeks with tailored sales offers.

Created a conversational approach to selling websites and design services.

I feel like I have evolved 10 years in just a few days of mentoring with Will!

Today I have a much greater clarity about my skills, as well as a great confidence in my work. In addition, Will helped me a lot with the fear I had of selling, showing that it was possible through techniques, organization and a clearer understanding of my audience.

This is great because now I know how to sell naturally and without seeming like I am bothering people.
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Define your unique selling proposition.

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Craft an attractive Sales Offer and Promise.

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Strategies to prospect and land new clients.

Sales Mentorship

Sell with Confidence

From 3 to 12 weeks, you will learn how to build a completed Sales System to guide you from designing your services to landing new clients by turning conversations into deals.

– Online sessions 60 minutes each

3 to 12 weeks of mentorship

What do you do best? Identify your strengths.

Create services to match your talents and strenghts. How do you serve your audience?

Who is the perfect client for your business?

Position yourself as a solution and help your clients to improve their life.

Design a powerful captivating offer to amaze your clients.

Tell your story to the world in an engaging way.

Learn the art of building relationships and turning conversations into deals.

Increase your professional confidence, removing the beliefs that limit your success.

Built a unique selling proposition and tailored sales funnel.

Will introduced me to the concept of a sales funnel, outlining tools and strategies specific to my needs.

His personalized approach and his ability to understand my vision and work with my strengths empowered me to create an authentic sales offer.

His practical insights, and actionable strategies guided me in refining my target persona and messaging, giving me the confidence to connect deeply with my audience.

Refined sales positioning and messaging to reach their audience.

Will has been with us to shape our business from that start.
We worked on defining our audience and proposition.

His methods helped us to clearly articulate who we were, and how we communicated ourselves to the world.

We’ve grown faster and greater than we ever anticipated, supported by our ability to confidently find solutions for our customers.

Designed a new business model and sales strategy for a new project

When I started thinking about building my business, I knew that Will could be a powerful ally and help me accelerate the process bringing a commercial point of view.

In our first session, he identified opportunities that I hadn't considered, which helped me focus on the right things.

I'm one step closer to launching my business and I feel confident that I'm on the right path.

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The growth of your business cannot be limited to just referrals or magic formulas.

You don’t need to be a pushy salesperson; just imagine turning a casual conversation into a new client.

Together, we will craft your natural selling approach so you can avoid:

  • Wasting time
  • Wasting money
  • Wasting opportunities

What opportunities open up when you become confident and start offering your services?

How I have become a salesperson

At 20, with an intern’s salary and many bills to pay, I decided to look for clients and develop websites for small businesses.

One night, working on three halfway-done websites and dealing with angry clients, I had my a-ha moment: I was better at selling websites than building them.

That is how I have found my passion for sales, and over the last 20 years, I had the opportunity to sell advertising solutions to and for some of the biggest companies in the world.

In 2012, I left São Paulo, Brazil, to live my love story. She didn’t make things easy for me and made me come to Australia without speaking any word of English. At first, my inability to speak English seriously impact my confidence.

It was a challenge, and now looking back I’m proud I took it. Slowly I rebuilt my career in the advertising industry. This whole process taught me the importance of confidence in professional success.

In 2020, I got tired of seeing talented people trapped in jobs they hate instead of building their dream projects.

That is why I empower freelancers and solopreneurs like you to earn money from your services by turning conversations into deals.

Will Vargas
Head of sales and Mentor

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