sales mentoring program

Learn how to Sell with Confidence without being pushy. Help your Clients and Grow your Business!


It is amazing how much money you can make by listening to people’s problems and, if it makes sense, offer your solution.

Are You Scared of Selling?

Have you heard that to be a successful salesperson, you need to be sleazy, persuasive, pushy and never take a ‘No’ for an answer?

That is not true.

Sales can be daunting if you haven’t yet learned sales skills.

If you are a specialist in your field and has started offering your solution to clients. I should warn you that lacking sales knowledge could be the reason that you are leaving money on the table and having issues prospecting new clients.

When you avoid prospecting new clients, you’re actually depriving them from the wonderful opportunity to improve their lives by using your solution.

Confidence changes everything.

Learning how to sell with confidence will empower you to overcome some uncomfortable feelings, such as:

 X  You hate the idea of being rejected;
 X  You don’t want to come across as pushy;
 X  You feel awkward promoting yourself.

A confident salesperson is someone who empathises with the client’s problem and turns problem-solving conversations into sales.

Selling is finding a person’s need and meeting it.

With 20 years of experience managing global enterprise accounts and working for well-known campaigns such as eBay Australia as a Sales Operations Manager for the last 4 years. I have had the opportunity to work with great sales mentors. I learned their techniques, heard their stories and had the opportunity to see many sales directors in action, performing their art.

Sales is a combination of art and science that can be taught and learned.

It means there is no one size fits all approach. You can learn from many different people and adapt the learnings to your own sales style.

Selling is all about being yourself, helping clients and growing your business.

Every time you helped someone solve a problem, you made a sale. You persuaded the other person to use the solution that you offered.

In this 8-week program, we will work together to increase your confidence level by developing a strong sales mindset.

You will learn:

 – How to get a deeper understanding of your client’s needs;
 – Build a solid sales plan;
 – Create a great sales offer;
 – Sell with Confidence.
 – Develop a Sales ACE Mindset.

Would you like to learn from a Sales Mentor with over 20 years of experience to help you navigate through your current challenges and give you the confidence and skills you need to close more deals?

WHY join me in a Sales Mentoring Program for 8 weeks.

What clients say

I had the privilege to meet Will in a networking group I was a member of.

I quickly became aware of his expertise by the amount of contribution he was giving to other members.

We then built a good relationship, and at some point, I was offered a sales position at the company I work for. Will helped me to structure the sales process, which ultimately brought clarity to my decision-making process and, as a result, allowed me to close more sales.
The mentoring sessions with Will have helped me to increase my confidence level to offer my English Pronunciation Program to more people. Now I feel much more confident to speak about what I do without feeling pushy or annoying.

He has given me valuable guidelines and advice that helped me to build my brand, and as a result, I’ve converted more leads.

Will has definitely contributed with strategies and tools which helped me to improve my results faster.
8 WEEKS Sales Mentoring Program

SELL WITH CONFIDENCE mentoring program is designed to guide you through every part of the sale. For 8 weeks, I will work with you on your business to create and review the whole sales process, from your offer to your sales mindset.

This program is for everyone who offers solutions to clients and is ready to take sales to the next level.

Every week we will cover the topics below in detail, and together we will apply the learning into your business, working in multiple practical exercises.

At the end of the mentoring program, you will have built and tested your own sales process.
You will help your clients and grow your business by Selling with Confidence.



Using marketing concepts to build the foundation of your sales process.
- Sales offer
- Ideal Client
- Sales Pitch
- Sales Deck


A strong business Vision is achieved by a solid Sales plan.
- Sales Target
- Business Vision
- Sales KPIs
- Sales Plan


Instead of using sales scripts, have real sales conversations
- Sales Routines
- Prospect
- Presentation
- Sales Funnel


Build a Sales ACE Mindset: Attitude, Confidence and Emotional Intelligence.
- Limiting Beliefs
- Fear of Rejection
- Power of NO
- Sales Drive

When you Sell with Confidence, your clients are more comfortable about buying from you.

My Sales Journey

I hated my first two jobs working in sales.

I was 18 years old when I started selling English courses door to door, and I hated it. I lasted two months there. Then I’ve moved on into selling newspaper subscriptions at a call centre. Not even two weeks for me this time. I was done with sales jobs!

Three years later, working as a web designer for a publisher, I found myself in a financial crisis. So I’ve started selling websites built to small businesses in my spare time.

One night, working on three halfway done websites and dealing with angry clients, was when I realised that I enjoy selling sites way more than building them.

Not long after that, I was hired by a small advertising company to offer their solution in the market.
I got pretty good results quickly, and in a few years, you could picture me as a traditional salesperson big smile, fluffy talk and a huge ego.

For the following years, I have established my sales career quite well. I’ve worked for well-known brands, managed teams, made good friends, and helped companies grow.

In 2012, I left São Paulo, Brazil, to live my love story in Australia without speaking any English word.

My first two years in Australia were a constant conflict for me. From one side, I was a happy husband married to my incredible wife versus my frustration from having no professional career. My inability to speak English has destroyed me. I lost my confidence and my personality. I wasn’t myself anymore.

Slowly I’ve managed to rebuild my confidence, got back to working with Advertising and from the last 4 years I’ve been working as a Sales Operations Manager for eBay Australia.

Selling products or services in English wasn’t an easy or quick process for me. I had to climb step by step to get where I am. But, if I did it, you can do too.

I’ve designed the Sell with Confidence mentoring program to guide you on your sales journey. I will share the sales process that I’ve been using from the last 20 years working in sales for global companies.

Join me in a Sales Mentoring Program for 8 weeks.

Still not sure if Sell with Confidence is for you?

If you or your business sell your expertise or solutions, Sell with Confidence was made for you.

You will learn everything you need to feel confident in your sales process and techniques.

Sell with Confidence has a step by step process to increase your confidence in offering your solution.

I will help you to re-design your sales process.

Prospecting a client is like baking. Once you learn all ingredients, you can bake delicious cakes and get more clients.

I’ve built a step by step sales process.